Friday, April 05, 2013

Autism Understanding & Acceptance 2013, Day 5

Autism Understanding & Acceptance Day 5: Crawling, kind of!

Thomas had his own very special way of crawling. Once again, it wasn't a concern really - we just thought he was so very clever for coming up with the "Ride 'Em, Cowboy" crawl, a.k.a. Half-Ass Crawl. He would lean over on one butt cheek, steady himself on one arm, put his legs in front of him and then propel himself forward by pushing forward on his heels and scooting on his one butt cheek, with the other arm up in the air (hence the Ride 'Em Cowboy). And we made lots of our friends laugh by calling it the Half-Ass Crawl. It really was quite ingenious and endearing.

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