Thursday, April 04, 2013

Autism Understanding & Acceptance, 2013 Day 3

Autism Understanding & Acceptance Day 3

So we missed some red flags, but what DID we notice?

Really, it wasn't until he was about 12 months old that I started getting VERY uncomfortable when talking with friends & neighbors who had babies a...bout Thomas' age. They'd talk about how their baby was starting to use a utensil, and how pleased the baby was when she'd get the spoon to her mouth. Um, yeah, he wasn't doing that. And I didn't get why he wouldn't imitate "peek-a-boo" like every other baby I had met. And no "Mama" or "Dada".

And I will note this as truth for our child: NO regression.

And on a positive note...the TUNES this kid would hum! That really started at about 18 months. This amazing child started humming Mozart tunes off the Baby Einstein video around then.See More

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