Thursday, April 04, 2013

Autism Understanding & Acceptance 2013, Day 2

Autism Understanding & Acceptance Day 2

What were our first signs?

Many early red flags would have been noticed earlier if Thomas had been a second child. However, when asked if we would have wanted to know earlier, our answer is no. We nearly 15 months with few if any worries. No "A-word" hovering over us - There was plenty of time for that!

1. Did not imitate (peek-a-boo, patty-cake, etc)

2. Babbled but was not saying words by 12 months

3. Did not share items that were interesting to him (this still stuns me when wobblers/toddlers do this!)

4. Played with toys but not in the intended way - made them spin, flip, etc. His favorite thing to do with his trike was to flip it over and spin the wheels. How clever!, we thought! And it was clever, but little did we know...See More

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