Monday, April 28, 2014

Autism Understanding & Acceptance 2014 Day 30: Family

The theme of this year's posts was "Things that have been helpful".  We have been blessed with an immediate and extended family that has been more supportive that I could have ever imagined.  None of us have had any direct experience with raising a child with significant special health care needs or developmental disabilities.  Yes, there has been heartbreak and trauma in our backgrounds, but not with this particular family challenge.  And yet, everyone has risen to the occasion.  Grandparents, aunts, an uncle, cousins, and even extended family of great aunts, uncles & cousins, "twice-removed's"...all love him without reservation.  I dare not list the multitude of examples of love, care, compassion & action that our family has taken, for fear missing something.  Rest assured, this child could not have been born into a family more ready to embrace him.

It hasn't been easy, I'm sure.  Very few people are born knowing how to interact with someone who doesn't talk in a typical way, or knowing how to react when a beloved grandson/nephew/etc doesn't want a hug.  It's been a learning curve for us all.  But they have all loved and supported us in their unique ways.  This kid has one heck of a circle of family love around him.

And I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to the best daddy for which a child could hope, and the best partner for which I could have dreamed: my husband and T's father, Rob.   I have received much praise from many of you gentle readers in the comments on my posts both this year and last year, but I could not be the mother I am without the incredible man that I was smart enough to marry almost 17 years ago.  This has been a team effort.   I could not have done any of this without him.

Family.  One of the most vital things that has gotten us through.  We are lucky to have a really good family.  I love you all, and thank you.

And thanks to all of you for sticking with me for yet another year.

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