Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Full time VBCA

We did it - today we told his teacher at the public school kindergarten that we had this opportunity we couldn't turn down. Full time at the Verbal Behavior Center PAID FOR by insurance. She was sad to hear that she would lose T - she always says that she wishes she could clone him - but she completely understood and supported us in our decision.

I told her that it was my intention that he'd be back, and better than ever in being able to follow directions, understand language and use language. She was glad to hear it, and said there would always be a place for him there.

Both Rob & I were heartbroken over making this decision because this is a fabulous school - a dream situation - and part of us wonders if we made the right decision. But this is an incredible opportunity for T which so many parents would give anything to have. So many parents go through due process with their public schools to get ABA or VB in the classrooms - most of the time to no avail - and we have it for a mere $20 co-pay a day.

I'm also bearing in mind that if it isn't a good fit for T, we can always switch him back to 1/2 time. Doing what's best for him...doing what's best for him...not what I would choose...doing what's best for him...

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nonie said...

Yeah...can not wait to hear more about T's progress in the new school.