Sunday, November 04, 2007

Move in to new VB building

Just had to report that we moved T's things into the new VB building this afternoon. We are so excited and still in a bit of disbelief that we are part of this organization during such an exciting time. He has his very own room - as do all the students there. He will continue to be part time in the mornings for another two weeks, then he'll start full time on Monday 11/19.

I took him there Friday afternoon after all his things were set up, and he did really well. No "pinballing", as I describe it. (Pinballing usually occurs when he is in a new house or building - he walks quickly from lightswitch to microwave to garage, dodging my attempt at a calming grab each time. I seriously made myself motionsick at the beach once, trying to keep him from running into the ocean.) Instead of his usual pinballing, he was very curious and interested, taking it all in, and was comparatively calm.

It was cute actually - his current therapist was waiting for him in his room, but as we came in the building, his BCABA/program coordinator saw us and word spread quickly that T was in the building. She and every other therapist who has worked with him this fall walked with us to his room, and while he looked around, they all hovered outside - kind of like the end of Wizard of Oz when Dorothy wakes up after her dream and everyone is surrounding her. It was so wonderful.

Tomorrow is his first day doing VB away from home. More to report soon!

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nonie said...

Loved reading this and look forward to hearing more about T's progress in this wonderful environment.