Saturday, October 20, 2007

9 month DAN app't

The timing of this appointment couldn't have been better. A few days after receiving the new OAT test results, we were sitting in our DAN doc's office - all of us scratching our heads. Thankfully, we have many more things to try before we give up. Don't get me wrong - part of me would really like to give up - but knowing that there IS yeast & bacteria overgrowth keeps me moving forward with this. She (the doc) was frustrated with us (and for us) that he didn't seem to be responding to the treatments the way most kiddos do - but it also wasn't the first time she had seen it.

It wasn't just the diet he didn't respond to - we also didn't see any change when we started him on the mega doses of vitamin B6. Not every kid does. But that is a clue that points toward his methylation process not working properly (and I won't bore you with that), so she feels strongly that the Methyl B12 shots should be tried with him soon. I agree.

In the meantime, we are doing several mini-trials of taking out vitamins/supplements to see if it helps with the stools. So far, Super Nu-Thera (the vit B6) has been out for a few days with no known negative effects.

One really cool thing: he's no longer grinding his teeth. He used to do it all the time, and very loudly. It made people cringe it was so loud! When we began all this back in January, our doc said that teeth grinding was usually caused by yeast overgrowth or zinc deficiency. Rob has been diligently rubbing zinc cream on T every night for several months. So since there is no change in the yeast, it points to zinc levels being better. This was further supported when we told her later in the appointment that he's refusing his juice w/ Super Nu-Thera, and she said that his taste sense is getting better - and that is usually due to better levels of zinc! Geez.

We weren't kidding when we joked that this is one big chemistry experiment.

We're also going to introduce back into his diet some of the foods he reacted to in the IgG test (food sensitivity.) So almonds, peanuts and rice will be the first items slowly rotated in. More intense scrutiny of the poops to come for me - and behaviors, too.

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