Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Today, a first.

T has been able to identify me in pictures for several months, and recently has also been able to look in my direction when asked “where is Mama?” He does not call me by name, nor does he call out for me when hurt or sick. He does say “Night-night, Mama” every night at bedtime, almost always prompted.

Some more information that will make this story more meaningful: his VB therapist and I worked for 6 months (no exaggeration – December ’06 through May ‘07) to get him to “point to the refrigerator.” Pointing is not something T did until a few months ago. It is still rare, with the one exception being when he points to pictures on the table in front of him when asked “where is the…”

So this is why today was so cool.

We were at his OT session, T riding a therapy bike around the hallway circuit with me dutifully following behind him and the therapist (the Small World therapist from a few posts ago). She asked him “Where is Mom?”, and after getting his attention and asking again, he glanced back in my direction. I was pleased with this. After several more minutes of riding, she asked again: “Where is Mom?” He stopped pedaling, turned around from the waist, looked at me, POINTED, and SAID “Mom.”

I was blown away. He had never done that before. The therapist didn’t realize what a monumental moment that was for him and me – until she saw my reaction. Such an everyday thing for so many parents…such a miracle for me. Dare I say: a God Moment.

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Caela Wood said...

WOW...that is AWESOME. So happy for you guys.