Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What kind of world do you want?

One of T's teachers forwarded this video on to me today. I think it is well done, and worth viewing (of course, I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but regardless...) It speaks to the huge need for health insurance mandates for treatments for autism. It absolutely stuns me that insurance isn't covering treatments for our kiddos in a vast majority of states around the country, and makes me so very concerned for what's in store as these children go through school and then become adults and have to make their way in society.


I try not to dwell on the future too much. I used to worry incessantly and freak out about T's future. Somewhere along the way, I had a lightbulb moment (or perhaps one of my God Moments). As clear as day, the realization sunk in that the only way to take care of T's future is to do my absolute best for him today, tomorrow and next week. There's no way to know what's in store, no road map for us on this journey. But if we focus on the present - what therapies does he need, is he getting them, is this schooling situation working for him, is he making progress, etc., then the future will take care of itself. We've set up a Special Needs Trust for him so that he'll have financial resources when Rob & I are no longer around, and done all the legal planning we can. Those are things we can control. Schooling, college, independent living, employment...all these things are out of our control at this moment in time. But taking care of him now - that's the only way to assure the best outcomes for those other concerns in the future.

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