Saturday, January 26, 2008

Announcing what's next

Twice today, T has let us know that he knows what's coming up next. This is a really cool new thing. We were driving to a restaurant, and out of the blue this little voice from the back seat says "Go eat." Why, yes we were going to go eat! Then on the way home, unprompted, that same glorious little voice said "See Chester" (our dog.)

This is an expansion of something we've heard in the mornings recently. On our way to school every morning this week, he's said "See Brett" (Brett is his morning therapist.) There was a morning a few weeks ago that Brett was not there, so another therapist came out to the car to get T. To this, T responded "I want Brett." And apparently, he did the same thing for his afternoon therapist when she wasn't there, and said to the substitute "I want Kimberly."

We've been working hard on him saying "Hi Brett" and "Bye Mama" when we get there, and that is coming along nicely but slowly.

2-3 word sentences. So glorious!!!

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