Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pop Goes the Weasel

One of T's favorite toys is a jack-in-the-box. He's loved it for years. So this week while I was getting some floortime in with him, I thought I'd sing the song to him while he turned the crank. Why this hadn't occured to me before I don't know. But it finally did, with really fun results. He stopped turning the crank, looked at me with a big, amuzed smile, and turned the crank slowly. I sang along, slowly. He turned it faster. I sang faster. And when it was time for the weasel to Pop!, he grinned and chuckled. We did this for awhile, just wrapped in a great interactive game together. Ah, hello God Moment.

Then the next night, Rob said "hey, listen to him!" T was alone downstairs playing with the jack-in-the-box and SINGING THE SONG along with the music. Not all the words were perfect, but who cares - our little boy was singing!

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