Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Combating Autism Act passes

Today, the House of Representatives passed the Combating Autism Act. I even watched it happen on CSPAN. This is such wonderful news. I just pray that the research that this bill funds will come in time to help T. I have this sense that we are living history in a very personal way here with our boy. Will history look back and talk about the dark time at the turn of this century when we knew so little about autism?

It was fascinating to watch the procedure, and moving to hear the representatives - and there were several - stand up and talk about numbers of children effected (another statistic I heard today: more children are diagnosed with autism each year now than with cancer, AIDS & diabetes COMBINED.) I heard the number 1 in 166 too many times, and tears came to my eyes.

Finally some good news - it passed!!! All the phone calls to Washington must have paid off. I'm still keeping them all on my cell phone's speed dial, though.

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