Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A blessing in a messy disguise

Those of you with weak stomachs, pass over this post.

So I've posted previously about the extreme challenge of potty training, especially with bowel movements. I have an update.

T has had the unfortunate luck of having an intestinal virus this week which has lasted 4 days. Let's just say that over the last several days, he's had many more opportunities a day to go to the toilet than usual. I didn't want to press it too much - obviously, if you have diarrhea for 4 days, you aren't feeling good or wanting to be messed with! But yesterday, I could just tell that he was about to go again. I sat him on the toilet, and he didn't argue. About two minutes later, he discovered the beauty of pooping right into the toilet - for the first time EVER!!! 5 1/2 years. My joy and relief were tempered by seeing just how miserable he felt, but nonetheless, he did it! I didn't do a happy dance, just hugged him and told him how wonderful he is and how proud I was...and wasn't it nice not to have to be so messy this time?

We haven't replicated this success yet, but I now know he CAN do it - and more importantly, HE knows he can do it.

More to come. Updates, that is!


EA said...

T, Z, and toilet: 1
Poop: 0

nonie said...

I thought I had responded to this momentous step. Sorry T was feeling poorly.