Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Teletubby dance

To my chagrin, one of T's favorite TV shows is Teletubbies. Not that there is anything overtly annoying or damaging about them (I've gotten over the creepy baby face in the sunshine - why do I find that creepy?) but they aren't using recognizable language and even though his development is delayed, he's certainly beyond the concepts they teach on the show. But they have big calm faces and are brightly colored and hey, it's a gentle enough show and he finds it absolutely mesmorizing and entertaining.

In a slightly nutty moment, I danced along with one of the Teletubby dances in the kitchen the other day while T ate his snack. Usually nothing can avert his attention from the screen when the Teletubbies are on, but he realized I was doing something silly and watched. The look of absolute delight and amazement he had was worth any silliness or embarassment I felt for dancing with the Teletubbies. He grinned and watched me, then looked at the TV (Yep, by gosh, she's doing what they're doing!) and looked back again - another little connection, another little magical moment.


Rob said...

I was pleased to hear about the connection and all, but that baby face in the sunshine is indeeed really creepy!!! Haha. I wish I had been home to see this one, though!

Anonymous said...

I too find the baby faced sun extremely creepy - and what is with all the rabbits?! You can't beat Teletubbies and a good cup of jo when your baby wakes up at the crack of dawn.

Have to say, I've got a picture of the teletubbie dance in my head and I'm giggling right along with T.

Love from the NW!!!


lemming said...

Oddly enough, I don't find TT creepy - though they're hilarious in German.

EA said...

Beautiful! Was this a God moment? Or are those different somehow?

Wish I had been there to dance with you.

My love.

SCM said...

I always found that fake language annoying --- but if T used it to make the connection with you dancing than I guess that outweighs the show's annoying factor. You and Rob are doing a better job with T than anybody else on the planet could possibly do. I'm impressed with all three of you. Please accept a big emailed hug from everybody at Gloucester's place.