Friday, October 06, 2006

Ladies' man

When we arrived at the Y for T's Adapted Swimming class, his usual volunteer (female) wasn't there. This happened one other week, so I didn't think too much of it - until he refused to get in the pool. He's walked right down the stairs into the pool in previous weeks. The new volunteer assigned to him this week was a big, friendly older gentleman who really wanted to work with him. Didn't happen. So a college-age guy (new to this volunteering) tried to get him to come in the pool - no luck. I'm nearly stumped, but took a shot in the dark and said that he's always worked with women in the pool before - at camp this summer, with me and his Auntie J and Grandmama, and his usual volunteer during these lessons. A young woman swam over to the stairs, held out her hand and said "Hey Thomas, come on in"...and he did.

At 5, he's already a ladies' man.


nonie said...

You bet..he's had a large piece of my heart since birth...xo

Anonymous said...