Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Got the vaccine

Our county has decided to use their H1N1 vaccine supply by inocculating all the school children at their schools (whose parents have signed a release form, of course). I took them up on their offer, and T got the nasal flu mist today. He is in good spirits tonight, happy & a little tired, but earlier this afternoon, he quickly spiked a temperature of 100 degrees - but then it came down to normal w/in 90 minutes. They didn't even call me to come get him because it came & went so quickly. I'm feeling very relieved, but will still watch carefully for the next few days.

I told Rob last night that I felt like, with this decision, I was stepping off a path we've been on for 4 years and headed down a new path. Because of that, I have been feeling anxious about it. But I also have calmed myself by remembering that so much information has come to me this year about vaccines and their safety (or at least the other side of the story)...I have to believe that there was a reason for that shift, and maybe it was to prepare me to help make this decision to get the H1N1 vaccine for him. And relying on T as the best data & research we've got (and he's never reacted badly to any vaccine), we did it.

Now we wait for any reaction.

I think it is going to be fine.

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