Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yesterday, we took T to a Parents Night Out program at our local therapy clinic. Trained volunteers hang out with our kiddos at the clinic on a Friday night while the parents get to have a few hours to themselves. (We took the opportunity to see the new Coen brothers film "Burn After Reading" – hilarious to see George Clooney and Brad Pitt doing their goofy thing that they do really, really well. Definite thumbs up!) When we came back to pick up Thomas, he was happily sitting at a little table, munching on pretzel sticks with a big cup of juice nearby, watching the move "Cars". Very cute. But the amazing thing this particular evening was what happened next: we told him it was time to go to the car & go home, so we started toward the elevator. He stopped, looked right at us, and said "Juice." We had just tossed some leftover juice, so we were a little surprised, thinking that he was requesting juice. We asked him if he wanted some juice, and he continued the eye contact. He then started walking toward the therapy gym quite intently, then seeing us following him, took off running. We followed, entertained and curious, thinking that perhaps there were juice boxes in the gym or something. Oh no. He opened the door to the gym, walked in, picked up the empty cup that he brought with him from home, and brought it out with him. He remembered that he brought his cup with him, had left it in the gym, and went back to get it.

Can we talk about how many cognitive steps that had to take? 1) Remember that you brought a cup from home. 2) Know that you should bring it home with you. 3) Look parents in the eye. 4) Say "juice". 5) Remember where you left it. 6) Look at parents again to get them to follow you. 7) Run to where you left it. 8) Open door to gym by oneself. 9) Find cup. 10) Carry back to car.

AWESOME night!!! Way to go, little man.


Joanne said...

I just found your blog through your husband's (and commented on the Palin post). I have been reading through your archives and am really moved by your writing and experience. I have had these thoughts, quoted from your blog:

So I read the books, I followed the rules, and everything wasn’t fine. Despite it all, sometimes, unfair and bad things happen. It made me want to scream and rip the pages from those books and burn them so I never have to look at them again.

SO, SO many times. I really appreciate your writing and I'm so glad to read about the 'juice'!

lemming said...

I am bawling as I read this post. See? You are amazing parents.

Anonymous said...

This is so amazing...way to go big