Saturday, July 05, 2008

Is that water running?

A momentous night! We were all enjoying our dinner out on the porch. T was happily eating his dinner (which has gotten considerably easier lately since he's been willing to try new foods – amazing) when he quite quickly and purposefully stood up. He looked at us both, then at Rob, and even moved toward him and mumbled something. It was another one of these glimpses of T trying to really communicate with us, which is happening more often and is very cool. Rob asked him if he wanted something, and I asked him if he needed to go to the potty. He said "No potty", but went inside. Rob & I marveled at the attempt to talk, wished we understood his words better, but stayed on the porch and continued to enjoy the unusually temperate early July temperatures. A few moments later, we heard the distinct sound of what we thought was water running – not unusual for T, since he really likes to play in the water. But both Rob & I looked quizzically at each other, went inside, and discovered our boy standing in front of the toilet, peeing into it without having had any assistance whatsoever!

YAY!!! All by himself. Okay, this meant that he 1) felt that he had to go (huge), 2) knew that he had another option other than peeing in his Pull Up or underwear (even huge-er), 3) wanted and tried to tell us (awesome), 4) walked into the house and went to the bathroom, 5) pulled down his pants, 6) pulled down his Pull Up, 7) lifted the toilet seat and lid, and 8) PEED in the toilet!!!! Oh my God, he did it!!! This means that he CAN, he CAN, he CAN DO THIS!!! I know he won't have this all down tomorrow – and we still have to work on the pooping – but holy crap, this is such a big deal. He did this on his own. By God, he's going to be able to be potty trained. He will, he will be, he will do it.

I am so friggin' happy. I'm so proud of him!!!

And if that wasn't enough, later on, I was walking by him and said that I'd be right back – that I needed to go wash some more dishes (which still need to be done, by the way.) He said "No downstairs", reached and gently pulled me by the elbow and quietly said "1-2-3." He was asking me to play our little game where I count to three and throw him on the bed. He ASKED me to play with him! Our little guy – he amazes me and inspires me and gives me such hope for his future. I am very happy tonight.


Caela said...

WOW! What a great day! So awesome.

Anonymous said...

Utterly amazing!!! I thought I saw an extra light in the western sky the other night Now I know that it was the smiles at your house.

nonie said...

This is so great...can't wait to celebrate with you all.

Anonymous said...

just got caught up on your blog - you and your family are amazing - thank you for sharing your blessed moments with us.

happy in portland

hugs - pam