Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Reading to T

For months and months now, the bedtime story has been Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? By Bill Martin, Jr., pictures by Eric Carle. Rob & I know this title and the entire book by heart by now, as truly this is the ONLY book we've been allowed to read. Believe me, we've suggested other previously favorite books and even a few new ones – only to be rebuffed. So Panda Bear, Panda Bear it has been. You must have guessed by now that tonight there was a change – and indeed there was. Rob usually does the bedtime routine, but tonight I took over the duties temporarily. And when I told him to pick a book, instead of going right for Panda Bear, he paused a moment, considered his options, and then handed me Panda Bear. No great surprise. But when I was done reading it, he rolled over on his side, looked at his little bookstand next to his bed, looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes, and tried to say something. He tried again. "Brown Bear." "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Is that what you want?", I asked him. And he settled back into bed and waited for me to begin. And so our reading evening began. When Brown Bear was done, he looked at the bookshelf again. "What about Freight Train?" I asked. Again, he settled back and waited for me to start. Freight Train was followed by Dr. Seuss' ABC, The Snowy Day, and Guess How Much I Love You. Yawning had begun by the end of this book, so our reading time ended. But I'm still sitting here in disbelief and joy. I read to him for about 30 minutes and he was listening and following along.

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