Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Right before bedtime, I listened to a voice mail from Rob on speakerphone. T heard his daddy's voice from across the kitchen, walked over to the phone and said "Daddy." I said that it was, and he put his ear up to the phone, listened, and said "Daddy?" again. Wow. I explained that this was just a recording, but asked him if he wanted me to call him. Not getting a response, I did anyway. We got Rob's voicemail, which T listened to intently, and while he heard his daddy's voice, kept saying "Daddy. Daddy." Finally the beep was heard, and he said very quietly again, "Daddy" and then was quiet. I told him that we were leaving a message for Daddy, that we wouldn't hear his voice right now, but that he would hear our voices soon. Rob just came home a few minutes ago and said that he's never deleting that message. The first thing he heard was T's voice saying his name. Almost unbelievable. When we've been waiting as long as we have to hear purposeful communication, especially our names, you almost can't believe it when it happens.

What an exciting night! What does this little guy have in store for us next? I can't wait.

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