Tuesday, August 21, 2007


The really super news is that T can actually ask me to come outside and play with him! It really is so incredibly cute and it melts my heart each time. He'll say approach me, look me in the eye, and say "Let's go outside" or "trampoline", and looks so pleased with himself when I follow him outside. He'll continue to make sure I'm with him until we get to the trampoline, at which point we both get on and jump. Great fun.

The thing that just makes my heart ache is when he approaches me JUST as I am about to sit down to eat! He's done this to me at least twice now, and it just kills me to have to say "I'll come soon, but Mommy needs to eat now." I mean, each time it's been when I've been starving and working hard getting breakfast or dinner and am just really needing to sit down for a few minutes. At least tonight, he didn't have a meltdown when I said he needed to wait - he just layed down on the floor (sign of frustration and protest), kept asking me to go out, but was at least was not too anxious. The minute I was done with my last bite, he was up again, looked me in the eye again and said "trampoline." He had to have been watching my every bite!

He's brilliant.

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