Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Night-night, Norma

Today I spoke with a friend on the phone who has valiently fought stage 4 breast cancer for nearly 4 years. Over time, the cancer had spread to her bones and her liver, and I learned today that it now is apparent that her fight will soon be over. She has been T's craniosacral therapist while we lived in Small College Town, and as many therapists do, ended up helping all of us and had become very much an integral part of our lives. She even took voice lessons from me, so the relationship was mutually helpful and beneficial. She is one of T's favorite people, and he mentions her often, quite out of the blue.

As I spoke with her today and thanked her for being in our lives and for everything she had done for us, she weakly said "Now, don't you ever say goodbye to me - just say goodnight." I did - and added "Till we meet again", and promised to call again soon. When I was off the phone, I told T that I was just talking with Norma. He looked at me, smiled, and said "Night-night, Norma."

So, night-night, Norma. And if this is indeed your time, may you be in the arms of the angels.


Melanie said...

Nicely written. I hope your friend is comfortable and is doing as well as she can right now.

nonie said...

Such a beautiful posting...I know that Norma is not of this world since I read this after seeing you all in MI.
What an amazing woman...I am sorry not to have met her but feel she was special because she loved T.