Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Poem "to my son"

This poem showed up on one of the many Yahoo Groups I read. Sums it up very well (although I'll admit it nearly killed me not to edit the crap out of it!)

to my son with autism,
so sweet and unique.
i pray some day you will speak.
i watch you grow and smile at me
trying to figure out how life would be.
you have autism, which you struggle with every day
but mommy is trying and will continue to pray.
you look so happy with smiles on your face.
if I could take away the confusion, I would take your place.
i love you son more than I can say.
your love is so so real in every way.
your progress is slow, and sometimes very hard to understand.
but no matter what I will hold your hand.
i reach for the stars every second I breathe in a day.
my dear boy, I am so proud of you in every way.
you look at everything so pure and real.
i wish I could understand how you feel.
please talk to me sweetie, just let me know.
it will happen, even if it’s slow.
god bless my angel, be with him today
as I will continue to pray...
melissa seavey

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nonie said...

This poem is a tear jerker but I hear you through it...love