Monday, March 05, 2007

Better days

T really, really watched me brush my teeth today. Those big brown eyes watched me intently for nearly 30-45 seconds, first in the mirror, then he turned around and watched me. A magic little moment.

He's also more smiley today. He wanted me to tickle him, and has prompted me to play peekaboo and our little game "Come to Mama" (where I chase him around the living room.) It feels really, really good to start seeing his personality return. I'm addicted to his smile and laughter, and I've been on serious withdrawl lately.

Online notes from a DAN! conference a few years back noted that an increase of stimming and even hyperactivity is not unusual when starting these biomedical interventions. Relief...but I'll still watch him carefully.

I'm glad to report that a different nurse is returning my phone calls now - a very kind, attentive and patient woman! That makes my nearly daily calls much easier.

Sometime soon, I plan to write a "lit review" of why we are doing all these DAN! interventions, using the labs and cross-referencing studies, books & magazine articles supporting the use of each prescription, supplement & vitamin. This will primarily be for myself & Rob, but perhaps someday it can be useful for others. I guess also it's because I like road maps and check lists, and there are very few for us right now. We're not flying completely blind, but there isn't nearly enough guidance for my comfort level here. So maybe I'll feel better if I plot out where we've been.

Off to finish the data collection for his Verbal Behavior program this week.


Rob said...

Yes, ladies & gentlemen, my loving wife actually WANTS to write a literature review of all this stuff. She'd make a far better doctoral student than I'll ever be. :-) Don't know what I'd do without you, Sweets.

EA said...

Glad to hear you're seeing his personality again. I bet a smile and a laugh are each worth 100 times their weight in gold.

nonie said...

Wonderful news...his smile and bright eyes are amazing.
Makes your hard work worth the wait?
love to you

Rachelle said...

You amaze me. Mike and I so enjoy reading your blogs...We regularly read them and it makes us feel more connected to your life and to T's progress. Anyway, keep the faith...T's progress since I have last seen him amazes me and I know this is largely due to your time, commitment and love.