Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Not today

So I didn't have the same luck today as I had yesterday - but that's really okay. It was typical, though - I took him to the bathroom, thinking he might have to go. Peed, no indication he had to do more. I really had to pee though, so I took my turn...and in those few seconds, he had pooped in his training pants. Such is the life. Never fear - I am still giddy from yesterday's triumph and I rest assured knowing that he has pooped in the toilet.

I know one kid (goes to the same therapy clinic in town) who is 10 and autistic, and still will not poop in the toilet. His mom says that he'll walk into the bathroom, tell her he has to go, but absolutely, postively will not go in the toilet - completely freaks him out to try. So she puts a diaper on her 10 year old, he poops in the diaper, and she disposes of it. This happens - this is real. So Hooray T! I'll catch you again soon.

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EA said...

Glad you're still riding on the giddy...me too, finished a big step of data analysis Monday...am hoping the giddy will carry me into the next step, i.e. dark tunnel from which there emanates not a shred of light...may your giddy carry you forward too