Monday, January 08, 2007

He did it!!!

Whoopie! I almost entitled this entry "Poop, there it is...poop, there it is" but I decided against it. But I'm so darn excited I can hardly stand myself. Today, I had the great luck of asking T if he needed to go potty at the precise moment he was preparing to do more...only I didn't know it. I took him to the bathroom, and when he was standing in front of the toilet, he kept shoving my hand down toward the Cottonelle wipes (what would I do without those wonderful flushable things?) Well, I'll spare the details, but a moment later I put the training seat down, sat him on it - he didn't even have the DVD player because we weren't in that bathroom - and lo and behold, HE POOPED in the toilet!!!!!

Anyone seen the movie "Parenthood"? There is a fantastic scene toward the end of the movie when Steve Martin's son finally catches the baseball and therefore wins the game for the team. Steve Martin (the coach of the team) does the most celebratory and exstatic dance on the field, even throwing himself on the ground and pounding his fists and kicking the ground in joy. That could have been me!

Okay, so next on the potty training to-do list: repeat this success. Then get him to tell me he needs to go. Ah, but today, I celebrate this remarkable achievement! Progress is such a lovely thing!!!

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