Sunday, January 09, 2011

Disney World!

We did it! After years of wishing (and many years of having given up on the dream/expectation that we'd take our child to DisneyWorld), we took T...and he had a great time!

  • He didn't make a thing over flying. In fact he really seemed to enjoy it, looking out the window much of the time while listening to Baby Santa on our iPod. The only tough moment was accidentally leaving a plastic bracelet (think Livestrong), his current favorite fliptoy, on the airplane. I was able to find another almost acceptable replacement (small plastic slinky) and eventually all was well.
  • He ate and slept well away from home, and didn't mind the characters. In fact, he didn't make a thing over them - just kind of looked at them as if they were just other people. He continues to be one of the most non-judgemental people I know!
  • We found out that he's a Lady's Man. The only character he greeted by name was Minnie Mouse. He blew a kiss to Cinderella in return to one she blew to him. Those two moments were the only interactions he had with the characters!
  • He is my rollercoaster buddy. We took a chance and had him ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and he LOVED it! Laughed and giggled all the way. He had such a good time that we asked if he wanted to ride it again, and he answered emphatically "YES!" Expedition Everest turned out to be much, much more intense than any of us expected, but he recovered much more quickly than any of the rest of us who sat down for 30 minutes trying not to throw up.
  • He loved Soarin', the simulated hand-gliding ride over California. He looked at me at first and was pretty scared when the IMAX screen started up, but I told him he was safe, and within a few seconds he was grinning and laughing. Confession: he watched more of the movie than I did (I had to look to the side several times) and way more than Rob did (he admits to closing his eyes for much of the ride!)
  • Overall, he really was a trooper. Talk about a change from the normal routine...and he went with it!

Many, many thanks to my brave and generous parents who made this trip possible, and to the most supportive & connected sister ever who added to the fun and gave constant support the whole time. My heart is full of gratitude. We have been given the gift of fun & happy memories as a family, as well as the knowledge that our boy is capable of travel and new experiences.

More details as I remember them. I want to go back!!!

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