Friday, August 13, 2010

Kung Zhu pets

T was given a Kung Zhu pet for his birthday from a friend this year. This was at my suggestion, because I've seen Zhu Zhu pets in Hallmark stores and thought that it might be a fun toy visually for him. Of course, being out of the loop on hip & current toys, I had no idea that Kung Zhu pets (more geared toward boys) were even out there. So I spent a good part of last night online, watching demos and trying to figure out the whole accessory thing. The Kung Zhu pets, unlike the original Zhu Zhu pets, actually battle each other one they are pulled across a strip that programs them to fight. There is a fighting arena and everything – battle armor – the works. As I was watching this, a thought occurred to me: I don't think T even knows what fighting is.

That's okay with me.

I believe I shall get him the original Habitrail-like accessories. Why teach him violence?

These kids may be showing us the way.


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