Saturday, August 23, 2008


Apparently, T is a heart-throb at his school! The divine Brett, one of the therapists that work with T every day, came out to my car one recent morning with a big smile on his face. He always shares great stories with me about cool things T does at school. He's a dad of special needs kiddos himself, so he knows how important it is to hear these fun stories! (We hear so much about what they can't do, how they tantrumed/screamed/stimmed too much, etc…) Anyway, he reported that one of the girls at the school has taken quite a liking to T. So much so that she took him by both sides of his face and kissed him on either cheek over and over again! What makes it even more fun: apparently, he was eating it up – laughing and squirming and smiling through it all!

This warms my heart so much. A little girl has a crush on my boy! I remember having my little crushes in elementary school, too. And now, my little boy is the object of another little girl's affection!

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