Friday, December 14, 2007

Methyl B-12

Five weeks ago, we started a new biomedical therapy with T: methyl B-12 injections. Yes, INJECTIONS! I now know how to give my son a shot, Rob knows how to hold him, and T is awesome at staying still for them. It is the slimmest, shortest needle I’ve ever seen, and when done correctly (I’ve practiced on myself several times) it really can barely be felt.

This is from the Talk About Curing Autism website:” At the Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) 2004 conference, methyl-B12 was awarded “most recommended medical treatment” for autism spectrum disorders by the attending DAN doctors for the year.”

A refresher: DAN docs look at how kids with autism are bio-chemically different from typical kids. Then they prescribe treatments to treat the differences. Many times, kids are helped by these attempts to normalize their systems. Some – very few – are considered “recovered.”

I won’t go into all the science behind all this except to say these few things to you as I understand it: the methylation process is part of the body’s detoxifying process. The methylation process appears to be interrupted in these kids, as well as the detoxifying process. Methylated B-12 can get right to work - their bodies don’t have to do anything to use it. If you’d like to know more, this is the best article I’ve found to describe it:

Today marks five weeks since we started. I am pleased to report (drum roll, please) that this intervention, along with zinc cream and Verbal Behavior, WORKS for T. Just about everything else we’ve tried in the biomedical/DAN! World has had little or no effect. But this…ahh (happy sigh) seems to be having some positive effects. It’s not a miracle or a cure, but darn it, he is talking more: requests, refusals (especially refusals!) and filling in the blanks. He’s more inquisitive and just seems to be more aware of his surroundings and himself. His OT said (umprompted) that he’s talking more, seeking out more vestibular feedback and is more willing to try something new in the therapy gym. Almost every day surprises us with something. A few days ago, T was in the basement when Rob told him it was time for his shot. T got up, walked up the stairs, walked to the refrigerator (where we keep the pre-filled syringes), opened the door, pointed up to the bag of syringes and said “Shot.” Great Scott! A year ago, the mere task of pointing to the refrigerator was in his Verbal Behavior program for 5 months. (Literally – we introduced it 12/8/06 and it didn’t move into maintenance until May ‘07.)

So we’ll continue this treatment. It’s amazing to write those words, because we were so close to giving up on all of this a few weeks ago. We still plan to reintroduce foods to his diet, because all the dietary stuff just seemed to make things worse for him. Rice came back today. I think it’s fair to say that he’ll have some Christmas cookies this year after all. In with methyl B-12, out with SCD!

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