Monday, July 30, 2007

We pet sharks today!

I took T to our city zoo today, since things have calmed down a bit with the unpacking and phone calls and all the errands that go along with setting up a new house. He had a super time! We only stayed for about two of the beautiful things about being members of our city's zoo is that you can go for two hours and leave when you've had enough, knowing that you can come back the next day for more! Since it was a weekday, it wasn't as crowded as a recent Saturday was (major tough time at the zoo that day) and he was a happy guy. The new Oceans exhibit was actually easy to get into today, and the main attraction of that is this awesome shallow pool where little sharks swim around and you can reach in and, with two fingers, pet a shark! WOW! Well, anything to do with water is a-okay with T, but what was really cool was seeing how much he watched the sharks go by, and how excited he was when he actually go to pet one. He jumped and smiled and gave a little whoop of excitement - just like every other kid (and adult, I must add) did!!!

The penguins, dolphins and polar bears were sources of great entertainment, too. They were all visible from the outdoors and from a viewing area inside, where you can see them swim underwater. We spent an hour just doing that.

On the dietary side, I made yogurt from scratch yesterday (actually, Saturday and Sunday) and gave Thomas his first taste of dairy product in 6 months. Just 1/8 tsp to start - it is supposed to be very potent with good probiotics, and can be overwhelming for healing guts at first. And it was - we had a looser stool this afternoon than we've had in a few weeks, so I'll keep my eye on it. It is made from cow's milk, so if this doesn't agree with him, we'll try goat milk yogurt.

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