Saturday, November 11, 2006

The election

So in my "About me" section, I proclaim that I am - among many other things - "a Democrat - most of the time." (Last Tuesday it was about 65%.)I have a confession over which many die-hard Dems will probably faint: I am really, really sorry to see Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania go.

He was the author of the Combating Autism Act and is one of autism's greatest supporters in Congress. He's fought for federal funding and clearly is behind increasing research being done and not wasting any more time. And he wasn't re-elected. It was nice to have a Republican on our side, as another Republican was holding up passage of this bill in the House. It wasn't a Red vs. Blue thing.

So I lift my glass to Sen. Rick Santorum and thank him for all his hard work and support. He will be missed. And I pray that someone will take up the fight and get this legislation passed quickly. One in 166 births today. One in about 120 boys born.


mcewen said...

Fingers crossed.

EA said...

Wow! Another eye opener. I kind of saw Rick Santorum as 'in league with the devil.' I had no idea he was an advocate for autism. So, international politics aside, I'm sorry for the loss.

Melanie said...

I had NO idea. I am a PA native and could not stand the guy, but this gives me some hope for him as I am sure he will be back.